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Welcome to the Advocate. We are a national group of experts dedicated to providing the best in legal, tax, and financial advice to every one of our clients. Advocate Financial Center professionals are licensed and able to provide you the best service for all of your financial, estate, and tax needs.

Our experts want you to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you certain you are getting the best annuity rates available today?
  • Are you learning the correct annuity strategies and techniques?
  • Does your tax plan give you lifetime tax-free income that can increase throughout retirement and provide for home health care costs?
  • Does the salesperson know how to use the new hybrid annuity to save you thousands in taxes during retirement?
  • Annoyed that you get "farmed out" to another person for additional fees and costs? Tired of paying for an entire retirement team?
  • Worried that you are not getting consistent and the most current and up-to-date legal, tax, and financial information?
  • Can the advisor protect your home as well as your investments?
  • Disappointed that your advisor cannot give you legal and tax service; you can't get one expert?


Our clientele understand there is no need for a costly "team" approach that causes confusion and huge expenses for the client.

We do not send, divert, or refer you to someone else;

We Are the Experts.

One Advisor. One Advocate. One Professional for all of your needs.

Local. Dedicated. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Looking for the best annuity rates, the best hybrid, fixed, immediate or the best fixed index annuity? Look no further!

Looking to rescue your retirement?

We have the specialized knowledge and expertise that will develop the best retirement tax solution for you.

We offer the very best annuities and the best annuity rates.