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best hybrid annuity ratesConsidering a hybrid annuity? A hybrid annuity is simply an annuity that adds certain riders that can provide death benefits, lifetime retirement income, or home health care. These annuities were recently introduced and have become one of the most popular annuities in the world today.

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Today the vast offering of hybrid annuity contracts in the marketplace allow you to match your specific, individual needs with a suitable product. You can have the flexibility to choose from a range of payouts, death benefits, and income riders. These annuities can be matched to your overall personal objectives, such as inflation protection, lifetime income for yourself (and your spouse), and an inheritance for children or heirs.

With the ever-increasing pressure on social security and fewer companies offering pension plans, those in retirement or nearing retirement are looking to control their own retirement income. As a result of this, hybrid annuities have increased in popularity. For many decades, workers planning on retiring and using their 401k to provide the necessary income and funds during retirement. However, beginning in 2000, a volatile stock market has devastated retirement accounts, and although some have rebounded, constantly having to withdraw from a retirement account makes the "rebounding" that much more difficult. These new annuities provide protection from the down markets while participating in the market gains, along with the option of guaranteeing a paycheck for life. Now hybrid annuities have included home health care protection making the hybrid annuity a valuable tool to combat inflation, market risk, and increasing health care costs.

The Wall Street Journal issued a call-to-action report for those nearing or in retirement. Advising people not to ignore inevitable retirement issues, the Wall Street Journal revealed how these annuities can solve many of the problems retirees will face. Long term care costs, including home health care, should be at the forefront of every retirement plan. Income annuities with a health care rider can be a viable alternative to LTC insurance.

Hybrid annuity popularity in the investment arena is also growing because of the concern over income during retirement. The Wall Street Journal printed a recent article on how the public is turning to annuities for guaranteed retirement income instead of relying on the volatile stock market. Coupled with rising health care costs, these annuities can provide a source of income as well as long term care payments for retirees.


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In 2012, income annuities sales were up 9% from the previous year due to the safety of the investment, guarantee of lifetime income, social security and medicare issues, and uncertainty of the stock market. In 2013, income annuity sales should increase even higher as the public becomes aware of the guarantees and protections these annuities can provide.

Financial experts have said the hybrid annuity is one of the best ways to guarantee retirement income during the current economic times. So which is the best income annuity for you? We get that question a lot. Give us a call and we can analyze your specific financial, tax, and legal situation and come up with the best hybrid annuity for your portfolio.

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