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Hybrid AnnuityFinding and learning about the best hybrid annuity involves obtaining the highest payouts, interest and compounding rates in the insurance industry. However, Advocate Financial Center also makes sure your annuity is compatible with your estate and tax plan. Coordinating your annuity with your estate plan is VITAL to ensuring your retirement doesn't suffer any setbacks or pitfalls due to taxes, legal constraints, financial aid, or medicaid eligibility.

Hybrid annuities are best used to provide guaranteed lifetime income. Interview our experts and learn how to receive tax-free income during retirement. As the current economy threatens social security, company and government pensions, and retirement savings, hybrid annuities provide a much needed solution to ensure retirees never run out of money.

Let an Advocate Financial Professional show you the new hybrid income annuities that can save you thousands of dollars in taxes during retirement. Get a second opinion before you invest. 

Hybrid annuities are also becoming an alternative to expensive long term care (LTC) policies. Current LTC policies are very expensive, hard to qualify for, and do not keep up with medical inflation.

The chart below reveals how stock market losses can impact a portfolio.

 Hybrid Income Annuties

If you lost 10% in the market, it would take a gain of 11% of your account value just to get back to your original investment value.

Similarly, if you lost 30%, you would need to make 43% just to break even again. If an investor is withdrawing money from the account (due to expenses, emergencies, IRA required Minimum Withdrawals, etc...), the account would have to gain an even higher percentage just to break even. This chart reveals the mistake of having all of one's investments within the marketplace. Securities, bonds, variable accounts, mutual funds, and other risk accounts should not encompass the entire portfolio; otherwise a large market drop will devastate the entire portfolio.

Having an alternate guaranteed source of income to draw upon during the down months of the market is vital; otherwise market accounts which have suffered losses and are also used for living expenses may never recover from a large market loss. Hybrid annuities can provide a self-directed pension that the investor can turn on when needed - and then turn off to continue its compounding growth! This enables the investor to leave their market accounts alone until (or if) they ever recover. Advocate Financial Center can show you a proper allocation of your investments to guarantee your portfolio grows at its maximum potential.

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